Pitcairn PCA-2 Plans and or Short Kit

The Pitcairn PCA-2 was one of the most beautiful aircraft to rise from the Golden Age of Aviation. This model autogyro represented many industries that would fly in to the big air races, the large airplane rallies with companies showing off their wears. Govt used it to spot submarines, used as crop-dusters and was esential to drop off supplies to locations that had no runway. An aircraft with extraordinary benefits.

My scale PCA-2 has a 74” rotor span…..five feet of wingspan. you can go with 60 2- cycle motor or 91FS. Electric could go up to eight cells but i generally use 6 cells.

I also make short kits and have some on hand. during the winter, I make my blades for the kits, I am out of blades now (4/28/15) but can whip up a set if you want a kit. so…I will sell with or without the blades

PCA2 plans and short kits

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